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Lago_Iriki_in_secca_-_Iriki_lake_without_water_2011-11-24.jpgLago Iriki in secca - Iriki lake without water580 views
SafSaf oasi_2009-12-15.jpg
SafSaf oasi_2009-12-15.jpgSafSaf Oasis, detail - Oasi di SafSaf, particolare504 views
IMG_5464_2010-01-03_021.jpgIn the middle of the Erg Chebbi dunes - In mezzo alle dune del Erg Chebbi500 views
amicizia_2011-11-18.jpgMoahmed e il bambino nomade - Mohamed and the nomad child447 views
caravan7_2010-02-06_009.jpgThe Sahara dunes in Morocco - Le dune del Sahara in Marocco438 views
artigianato_2008-10-17_004.jpgCraftsmanship in Marrakech Medina - Artigianato nella Medina di Marrakech438 views
the lion of the Atlas in Ifrane_2010-05-19_032.jpg
the lion of the Atlas in Ifrane_2010-05-19_032.jpgIfrane: The Atlas lion - Ifrane: il leone dell'Atlas438 views
al lavoro_2009-03-22_033.jpg
al lavoro_2009-03-22_033.jpgAt work - Al lavoro434 views
7_2009-03-25_001.jpgCaravan from Carnia - Carovana Carnica339 views
particolare ouarzazate 2_2009-03-30_039.jpg
particolare ouarzazate 2_2009-03-30_039.jpgDetail of an old Palace in Ouarzazate - Ouarzazate particolare in un palazzo337 views
Ali nel deserto_2010-06-25_027.jpg
Ali nel deserto_2010-06-25_027.jpgAli Haddou going in the dunes - Ali Haddou in giro tra le dune311 views
volubis_2009-03-22_047.jpgDetail in the old Roman town of Volubis - Particolare nell'antica città Romana di Volubis305 views
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