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Genuine flavours and gastronomy from Morocco

Trip Description

The traditional dish of the country is the couscous: super fine flour, cook and serve with stewed lamb and vegetables, and on the top some hot sauce harissa. The tajine is a stewed meat dish cook with vegetables or fruit, but the name rises from the particular glazed baked clay pot, sometime even decorate, this particular pot is divided in two parts: the base plane and usually use to serve the food, the top has a conical shape and is used during the cooking as a cover. In the recipe of the tajine they add tuna fish, sardines, sauces, and spices as saffron, garlic, pepper, ginger and curcuma.
The pastilla is made with pigeon meat, eggs, almonds, saffron, cinnamon and sugar, even in powder, this mixture is closed in different parts of sheet of pastry named onarka.
During the fest they cook the mechoni a Berber recipe: roasted lamb with chilly and saffron. The tradition of the gastronomy from Morocco belongs to the nomad people: sheep meat, vegetables, dates, but you can find even some influences from the Arab and French cookery.
The flavours of the dishes are salty and sweet at the same time: on the coast you can taste a lot of fish as sardines, soles and different crustacean.
Almonds, honey, sugar are the main ingredients of the traditional cakes, we remember the one nicknamed “horn of gazelle”, where the almond pastry is aromatized with the orange flowers water.
Respecting the Muslin Religion you think that is quite impossible to find alcoholics, but in some places as Fès and Mèknes there is a local production of wine, the quality is good. In Morocco you can drink, everywhere, mint tea, but if you like you can taste a light local lager beer.


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