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The Atlas, an Huge Mountain Chain

Trip Description

This mountain chain is extent from Morocco to Algeria and Tunisia for 2400 kilometers circa and is divided in seven areas: Anti, High, Mid Atlas, Big, Little, Telliano and Sahara Atlas, the first three areas belong to Morocco.
The highest mountain of the country is the Jbel Toubkal (4165 meters), is in the High Atlas not so far from Marrakech; the Anti Atlas is in the South close to the Sahara desert; the High Atlas crosses in a horizontal way the country, from the Atlantic coast to the desert, while the Mid Atlas is extent till the Rif chain at North (the Rif is a chain mountain close to the Mediterranean coast and here the vegetation is of shrubs and olive- trees).
As a touristic destination the Moroccan mountains are a new product, the landscapes are different: cedar forests where little monkeys live and even the Atlas leopard, Berber villages where people live with agriculture and stock- raising. Are you interested in active tourism?
Here you can choose walking, skiing and in the South cross the desert dunes with dromedaries, or by motor- cycle, 4×4 cars, and why not you can do snow board on the sandy dunes.
The Atlas Mountains has charm and enchanting landscapes: from rocky valleys to highest summits, driving or walking along meandering tracks in the middle of huge rocks or ilex forests.
During your trip you will see and enjoy lakes, streams, little villages and dizzy canyons. If you like the adventure you can organize some walking tours along tracks, that are real mule-tracks, but we suggest to ask to expert guides that will help you with mules or donkeys for the transportation of the food and equipment.
You will camp under a tent or in a mountain refuge and why not you can choose to spend the night in a Berber family- house.


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