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Discovering Merzouga

Trip Description

You will have a fantastic experience watching the sun rise over the sand dunes in Merzouga, maybe one of the most spectacular experiences that you will enjoy during your trip in Morocco.
The Erg Chebbi, the name of the sand dunes, are the highest dunes in Morocco, about 160 m., these are very impressive as the desert wildlife at the same time.
The village of Merzouga is an excellent starting point for who wants to explore the desert or for bird- watchers, that will be enthralled with what they will see.
During Spring a lake, named Serji forms near Merzouga, attracts the pink flamingos. Other rare birds stop here during the Spring migration.
All the year round the desert is also the right environment for many reptiles and mammals.
A camel trip, of a couple of hours or some days, is the great way to see dunes. For those who are used to getting saddle-sore or are up for the ultimate adventure, there are desert tours, of two to ten days, on camel.
You won’t to look hard for a local guide, it is better to ask to the management at your hotel for a reliable one.
Sahara desert is one of the best addresses to be recommended. Here in this part of Morocco the guides are much more aggressive. Seeing the sun set over the dunes is worth it though.
Try to spend an overnight excursion over the dunes it will a great experience, you will see waves and waves of sand dunes, changing hues during the sunset while you ride your camel.
Campfire dinner it will surprise you, tasting the local food; in the morning you will  watch the sunrise from Algeria border as it catches the dunes.

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