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Who’s Ali

Life is nice, everyone has a dream and mine is to stay in the desert forever.

who is Ali

who is aliwho is Ali: My name is Ali. I live in the desert in a small village named Hassi Labied, where there are about 100 families. In my village most of the families are nomads.
Here in the desert, we organize excursions with camels and you can spend the night in a tent or sleep under the stars in the middle of the wonderful dunes, a quiet and peaceful place.
If you need any information about the desert or life here you can write me an e-mail. I speak different languages: Berber, Arabic, French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, and Japanese.
I have two guest rooms at home and can host a maximum of 4 persons for a homestay. For couples, I will offer one room to each couple. If you are travelling solo, no problem, my house is safe and secure. If you want to be my guest for a homestay, please send me an email before you arrive. You can stay two days, one enjoying my house, the village and the landscapes, and the other in the desert to discover nomadic life… if you wish to stay longer, please contact me as soon as possible.