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Travel in the dunes with camels

Trip Description


TRAVEL IN THE DUNESImagine a stay in the Moroccan desert travelling by camel over the sand dunes and sleeping in the traditional Berber tents. You watch the sky and sand turning pink and red as the sunsets.
Then the moon rises against an incredible background of stars in the cooling, clear night air.
You admire the peace and beauty of the world, enjoying a delicious Moroccan meal, cooked over a timeless campfire.
Wherever your imagination has just taken you, we are uniquely positioned to help you make it come true.
Travelling at an ancient rhythm across a landscape unbroken by roads or fences, marvelling at the life of the desert, feeling the gentle wind that sweeps across the Sahara-all this is a unique, even life-changing experience.
Especially when you are accompanied by an expert and sensitive guide whose family have lived here for generations.

A guide who also, just happens, can be an excellent cook and will prepare traditionally and freshly dishes for you, using local ingredients.
That is Ali. You can find out more about him here.
Whether you want to try the magic experience of one night in the desert or would prefer to immerse your needs perfectly, always exceeding your expectations.
There is a special story about that here, but you will also discover it if you simply keep on browsing.


As a small flexible operation with strong local roots, Morocco Sahara can offer you the desert experience that you are looking for.
Maybe you want to travel with a group of friends with traditional Berber and Tuareg nomad families, as your camel caravan explores the dunes.
Or perhaps you would prefer to enjoy a desert retreat entirely alone.
Some travellers want to spend a night in the desert, admiring the sunset, the clear bright constellations and shooting stars.
Then the following morning they leave soon, after the sunrise, avoiding the heat of the day. Others want to come for days and truly immerse themselves in the dry heat and immense open spaces.
Whatever your tastes, we can provide you with exactly what you want. Just ask. Sometimes the difficulty is knowing what you really want before you have actually been here. Hopefully, this website will help you.

Ali is waiting for you to give you is welcome!