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Golf Royal

Trip Description


Golf RoyalGolf Royal: In Morocco, you can play golf on wonderful and well equipment greens.
The main golf greens are in Rabat “Royal Golf Dar Es Salam” , in Marrakech “Golf Royal and Golf Palmeraie”, in Tangeri and in Agadir “Golf du Soleil”.
Morocco is a paradise for the fishermen, here you can practise fishing in the lakes, rivers, and of course in the sea;

do you like an active holiday?

In Morocco, you can practice surfing, soaring flight (sail-flying), and snowboarding.
Would you like to try an excitant experience?
You can ski on the Sahara desert dunes on the gold and impalpable sand, a unique experience.
If you want to discover Morocco during Winter you can go skiing on the High Atlas and for nature lovers…Horseback riding: Morocco is the heir to a long tradition that is illustrated by the national stud farms of Marrakech. During your stay or your trip, ride a horse on an obstacle course or for a quiet ride, along the beach or in the Moroccan hinterland, or on a dromedary in the infinity of the desert… and pure adventure driving on the dunes with a 4×4 car.

.   adventure driving on the dunes with a