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Sun, sand, sea … Agadir

Trip Description


The famous touristic destination with a wonderful bay and well known for its climate: everlasting Spring.
In Agadir, you can find good hotels, open all the year round that will make pleasant your holiday.
The Portuguese sailors built The old town In 1505. In 1912 the town was under French control. In 1960 was completely destroyed by a terrible earthquake, after that the people build a new town close to the sea.
The beaches are wonderful sandy and quiet. Agadir is one of the best locations for tourists that love the sea and active sports in the water.

To see:

The National Park Sous- Massa where they live a lot of migrant birds; the ruins of an old mosque and Kasbah (fortress), located on the top part of Cap Ghir, a hill, both of them belonged to the 16th century.
Agadir is not so far from the desert and for this from day to night the thermic excursions are so strong: the hottest months are from June to October, but thanks to the Ocean breeze the temperatures are tolerable, the rainy and coldest months are December and January, during the other month’s temperate climate.
In Agadir, there is an airport Al Massira, with different low-cost companies’ flights on it.